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Everything To Know About Varicose and Spider Veins

Spider veins are the veins that appear like webbed under the dermal layer. The skin will be dark blue or purple colored and will be visible. These veins might not cause any disturbance in your homeostasis, but can cause a sense of consciousness whenever you wear something that can make them visible.

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Spider Vein Causes

When there are some issues with the blood circulation in the vein, it can result in spider veins. The condition is such that you exert extra pressure on that part of the body. Some job descriptions requiring you to stand on your feet for extended hours can result in spider veins.


Some symptoms can alert you about the darkened vein condition listed below.

  • purple colored or dark-blue colored veins
  • pain in the knee or calf region
  • feeling heavy in the part of the legs where the spider veins
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