Everything To Know About Varicose and Spider Veins

Spider veins are the veins that appear like webbed under the dermal layer. The skin will be dark blue or purple colored and will be visible. These veins might not cause any disturbance in your homeostasis, but can cause a sense of consciousness whenever you wear something that can make them visible.

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Spider Vein Causes

When there are some issues with the blood circulation in the vein, it can result in spider veins. The condition is such that you exert extra pressure on that part of the body. Some job descriptions requiring you to stand on your feet for extended hours can result in spider veins.


Some symptoms can alert you about the darkened vein condition listed below.

  • purple colored or dark-blue colored veins
  • pain in the knee or calf region
  • feeling heavy in the part of the legs where the spider veins have developed


The commonly suggested treatments for spider veins are listed below.

  • Laser Therapy:

This technique is the procedure of targeting the veins that appear purple or dark blue colored. This treatment will use a highly focused beam of light on the darkened veins and remove them altogether from the region. This technique is an invasive and also the most preferred one.

  • Sclerotherapy¬†

This therapy is a technique where the experts use injections to target the veins. The main focus is not to remove the veins, but to let the blood flow naturally from them so that it gradually becomes normal colored over time.

Risk Factors

Studies have shown that women are more prone to develop spider veins over time than men. In this case, the changes in hormones, pregnancy, and continuous weight gain are some significant reasons.

Other risk factors include,

  • Age¬†

This factor is because of the wear and tear in the veins and the weakening of the muscles around the veins.

  • Hereditary¬†

For some people, spider or varicose veins run in the whole family. If your mother or father’s family had this issue, you will likely get it after a specific time.

Studies have even proven that a higher BMI can lead to more pressure on the veins in the leg. This factor can lead to spider or varicose veins over time.